BLOOM | Webitorial

Marcos Covos

Set Designer/Photographer/Creative Director: Marcos Covos
Art Director: Coco Xixou
Wardrobe Stylist: Dexter James
Assistant Stylist: Stevie G.
Hair Stylist: Vee Matthews
Assistant Hair Stylist: Sed B Hair
Makeup Assistant: Sammie Peterson
Assistant: Darcy Birden
Assistant: Joaquin Salas
Videographer: James Fierros
Assistant Stylist: Karissa Valdez
Makeup Artist: Anna Luna
Female Model: Mariska Amougou @The Dragonfly Agency
Female Model: Namena Bojang
Model: Bella Tylen @@kimdawsonagency

The same way a flower goes through different phases while blooming into a mature, beautiful, and extraordinary flower, so do woman. This piece shows the phases of a woman blooming through phases such as innocent, mischievous, insecure, wild, then finally mature and confident. All woman bloom through phases but flowers bloom better togehter and so do woman. No matter what phase you are in, you are beautiful and you will BLOOM!