Bubble Wrap Fashion Look | Webitorial

Mo Zee

Photographer/Retoucher/Creative Director: Mo Zee @MoZee Photo Services
Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: Suzy Tamasy
Female Model: Mckenzie Lubeck
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Munira Badar


My name is MoZee and I am a creative director / Internationally published photographer and video director who lives in Ontario, Canada. I have used the bubble wrap as a symbol of protection to every woman’s soul and confidence. I met Mackenzie Luback ( The Model) at a shoot for a reality TV show about empowered models, Mack has been facing cyber bullying since a while, the 19 years old young lady stood for herself facing it all alone. This has inspired me to make a bubble wrap dress photoshoot as a symbol of an unbreakable empowered young woman, a protection to a beautiful diamond that kept shining despite all the situations she went through and is still going through.