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Lawrence Wyman

Washington, DC, US

With what he classifies as “Bellows, full of lore”, spoken word artist and author, Lawrence Wyman crafts storytelling with use of speech, language, imagery, analogies, and terse deliberate diction to give powerful and intense messages that create lasting moments within his readers and audiences alike.

His debut author work “Reveals of the Soul” ©, which focuses on inner truths and spiritual Epiphanes revealed within a protagonist through memories and personal dialogues with God, has reached the top “100 books” in African American Poetry within the United States as an independently published book

Tsunami About Lawrence Wyman

My name is Ken “Tsunami” Shep. I’m a designer turned fashion/art photographer. I recently had the pleasure of doing a shoot with architect/ model Lawrence Wyman. I’ve followed his career for years from NYFW, to him even publishing a book of poems. We finished the shoot and I asked him how things were going with him and working for an architectural firm. He signed and said he hasn’t found one yet. Meaning a job with a firm. I was in shock because this is someone who won a contest and has had schools in Africa designed under his works. I asked him why. He said he believed it was because of his hair. I said but every time I’ve seen you, even causally you’re always dressed up. He then replied, “All they see is a hoodlum.” I asked is that your interpretation of their opinion? He said “No that’s what I’ve been told several times to my face, even outside of the work environment. And the reason why I refuse to cut my hair. Maybe my story and journey will open a door for someone else within the industry.” I was shocked. We always hear about the hair issues with black, and other women of color, but rarely the dialogue of what men experience. Even the Netflix movie “Nappily Ever After” she’d light on the female experience of short hair. I entitled this collection “Hoodlum”. It will be added to my gallery viewing during Basel, and other viewings I will have throughout 2019. I wanted to add a touch of surrealism to the images. Depicting liberation, and without words illustrating not the elephant in the room; but rather the big fish that should be seen and caught; Lawrence (model). During the conversation I was joking with him because I’m 10 years older than him (26), me(36), and I said; “Man I’m surprised cause nowadays there’s this hightop undone faded look that was a no go when I was your age. We would make fun of the natural look and box it off or dudes would grow their hair out to have an S curl.”We laughed. I pray this sheds a light on one of societies issues in and does what Lawrence hopes for. Creates a dialogue and opens new doors.
– Tsu


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