The anti-hero of pop music, Tmii, brings her East Coast energy and sarcasm to West Coast pop and hip hop. Instead of shedding light on what could be, she highlights the brutal truth of what is. Tmii enjoys portraying her flawed outlook on relationships, as well as the life of a woman trying to climb the musical ladder in an over saturated industry. Tmii, will always enjoy being who she truly is, an energetic Gemini with two sides to her story, even if sometimes it is truly too much information.

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About Cydney Goldman
Bold. Clean. Vibrant.
These 3 words encapsulate the visual ethos of photographer Dillon Morningstar. His signature style utilizes bold colors and unusual lighting techniques to create visually striking images. In addition to the work of other visual artists, Dillon draws influence from movies, television, and music (especially metal). Dillon Morningstar is currently based in Orange County, California.]
P.S. Dillon Morningstar is my registered trade name (one of 2 FBNs)
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New IG: MrMorningstar_official (launching same time as website)

Cydney Goldman
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